How has Technology impacted our life?

Photo Credit: ZERGE_VIOLATOR via Compfight cc
Photo Credit     ZERGE_VIOLATOR                                        via           Compfight cc
It’s not hard to believe how our life is dependent on technology. Technology has made almost everything so much easier for us. In olden days, people had to read many books just to find an answer to one question. Now think, how long does it take you to answer a question? Few minutes or few seconds, whereas it took people days and weeks. Technology has made our life much more faster and easier.

Imagine how long it took people to contact each other before we had any technology. It took weeks or even months and look how long it takes to contact someone now. Technology has changed the health industry, now there is modern technology in hospitals, they now have better resources to invent new and better medicines. Technology has many benefits, it keeps us alert about things happening around the world. It keeps us connected with people, it helps us with our studies and it’s also an amazing source of entertainment.

Take a minute to count how many electronics you have at your house and now think about how many books do you have. How much time do you spend on using these devices and for how long do you sit with your family and talk about something. Technology sure has many benefits but it also has disadvantages. These new technology gives people the ability to invent destructive weapon, which endanger us all. The more we use computers and other forms of technology, the more we begin to depend on them. This means that when a machine breaks or stops working, humans become almost vulnerable until the problem is resolved. We are becoming too dependent on these resources. There are many new machines being made; its almost like we are making these things to replace us. We want robots to do what we should d0. Right now how cool it seems to have a robot who would clean your room or do your home work for you but once they are invented, what’s there to say that they are not going to be taken disadvantage of.

“The technology has taken humans so far and has made our lives so much more advanced. At the same time, human workers retain less value, which is a disadvantage of technology. Because the work of 10 people can be done with one machine , the companies find they don’t need to employ as many people to get the job done. As machines and computers become even more advanced and efficient, this will continue to be a growing disadvantage of technology and an issue that has a global impact.” We all have seen those machines in Walmart where we can self check out, soon they are going to be seen every where, how is that not replacing humans? Is advancing our technology really worth it?







  1. I really like that you looked at the issue from both sides. There are clear advantages and disadvantages. Sometime we do rely so heavily on technology. I often think back to my childhood and think about all those years I ‘survived’ without a phone. Now I can’t leave the house without my phone. We need to ensure that we are trying to find a balance. I do feel that technology should continue to evolve as long as it isn’t taking away from the human capital as you mentioned in your post.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I never really noticed how technology is actually starting to replace us. Your blog got me thinking about how dependent we have become on technology, and that if we did not have, it we would be feeling as though part of us is missing.


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