My digital self

This is me, well the digital me. To create this avatar, I used DoppelMe. This is a great website to create an avatar, you can easily find what you are looking for. This is almost the only app that actually allows me to wear a hijab. As a Muslim, wearing a hijab is an important part of my religion. Wearing a hijab is considered to be a sign of modesty and because I wanted to show you who I really am so, I chose to wear a hijab in this avatar. Few things I didn’t really like about the website were that it didn’t give you the colors you were looking for; for skin tone if you chose brown it would just turn it into purple or pink and the eye color, instead of being black it’s blueish. Also, the website requires you to sign up in order to access all the features.

This website is not hard to use though; all you need to do is sign up with your email. Then you can choose your shirt or pants just by clicking on it once, but for some of them you have to pay. The website has many other options such as, hats, accessories, shoes, eye wear and you can even choose a background. If you ever want to create an avatar use this website, it’s very easy as well as useful.



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