Connection to Isolation

Yesterday, during homeroom we watched this one video by Sherry Turkle called ”Connected, but alone”. That video made me realize how we are dependent on technology more than each other. In the video she talked about how technology effects our personality, our relationships and how we are there but we are not there. We use technology all the time, I mean like all the time. We don’t sleep without our phones beside us, the first thing we do when we wake up is check our phones. We are on our phones even when we are talking to our parents or even when we are hanging out with our friends. Technology is used by almost everyone all the time now, we use technology in class, at home, at work , while driving almost every where. Technology has made our lives so easy, we can do things so much faster and better. We can’t really imagine our lives without technology, we are so dependent on technology. We not only use technology for entertainment or as a source of knowledge but many of us also use it to keep our lives organized. We have our alarms and reminders on it along with many other apps to helps us perform different functions. Considering how helpful technology is, it still has its down sides.

When I ask people “What’s wrong with having a conversation?” People say, “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with having a conversation. It takes place in real time and you can’t control what you’re going to say.”

How many of us actually do something other then use our phones in our free time, or how many of us go talk to people face to face instead of just texting them. Most people prefer texting people other then talking to them face to face but I think its better to talk face to face. When someone texts you something you cant really tell how they are feeling about it because you cant see their expressions. Talking face to face seems to be real where as texts seem to be fake. By texting you cant know ones real self, everybody is a different person online than they are in real life. On internet you can be whoever you wish to be and no one can really tell if its real you or not. How many of us say things online that we would never say to someone in person? I am sure we all have, when texting we have more time to think what to say. We text things which we don’t even mean; we say lol when we are barely even smiling. We can insert a smiley face emoji when we are mad and the other person wont even know how you actually feel. We have much more control in our digital lives than in our real lives.

We’re developing robots, they call them sociable robots, that are specifically designed to be companions — to the elderly, to our children, to us. Have we so lost confidence that we will be there for each other?

We are making robots to take over, we rely on machines more than people. We are isolating ourselves from each other; when  someone is talking to us we are on our phones doing other things instead of listening to the person who is talking to us. I have seen people who call each other from the same  house, instead of going to the room beside theirs they will just text them. People prefer to ask Siri questions other than asking a human. This is a problem because if we think a machine can teach us better soon their is going to be no teacher teaching students but machines will be the source of learning. This won’t only happen with this profession but almost all the other professions too.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Areeba. How do you think we can combat the problem? Is it something that we can work to fix or is this something that is inevitable and will continue as is?


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