Solving Exponents

Are the following expressions equal? How do you know?

(–2)⁴, (– 2⁴), and –2⁴

No, these expressions are not equal because of the brackets. Brackets play an important role in solving these expressions.  The brackets can change the value of the base. The base of (–2)⁴ equals to -2 where as, in –2⁴ the base equals to 2. Although (– 2⁴), and –2⁴ are equal, in this case the brackets don’t really matter because with or without the bracket the base stays 2.

(–2)⁴= (-2)(-2)(-2)(-2)= 16

(–2⁴)= (-1)(2)(2)(2)(2)= -16

–2⁴= (-1)(2)(2)(2)(2)= -16





One comment

  1. Fantastic explanation! Short and sweet, but right to the point. You were able to fully explain it in a concise manner. Well done!


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