Commenting on Blogs

For this weeks Student Blogging Challenge we were supposed to read and comment on three blogs. The three blogs I commented on were all about fun facts about different countries because I also wrote a blog post about the Fun Fact about Canda. The first blog I commented on was Fun Facts about France. I had a great time reading this blog because it had many interesting facts about France. The one fact that was most shocking to read was that in France you can marry a dead person. Also, an other entertaining fact was that a pig was hanged in France in 1386 for killing a child.

The second blog I read was on the Fun Facts about U.S. This was also an entertaining blog based on it’s content. The most interesting fact from this blog was that the U.S has no official language. This blog included statistics such as

The first man to walk on the moon was an American named  Neil Armstrong on July 21, 1969 followed by his partner.

The third blog that I commented on was about the Fun Facts about Romania. This blog had a video instead of words. The video had many interesting facts. The most appealing fact to me was when she talked about the water fall, it actually made me want to visit Romania.


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