Regina Huda School

Hey guys, today I am going to talk about my school. I am a high-school student in Regina Huda School. This is my third year in Regina Huda School. It’s an amazing school to go to, this is the third school I have been to in my entire life. This school was built in 1999 and is looking forward to expanding the building. The population of our school is about 400 students with many on the waiting list. My school is unique in many different ways.

First of all Huda school is not only an elementary or a high-school but instead it’s both; it’s from p-k to grade 12. This school is different from other schools because it is not a public school, it’s an Islamic school. Here we gain academic knowledge as well as we learn about  our religious values. We have a Quran class every week, where we memorize verses from Quran, then we also have an Islamic class every week where we try to understand our religion better. In Islamic class we are taught about Islamic history, we learn about the prophets and we understand why is our religion so important to us. In our school we learn Arabic instead of French, as it is important to us as Muslims. Learning Arabic is important to us as Muslims because Quran is written in Arabic and knowing Arabic will make it much easier for us to understand Quran. We also take time to pray in the gym altogether. Regina Huda School is the only Islamic school in all of Saskatchewan.

An other difference our school has is that we wear a uniform to school everyday. For the high-school girls, the uniform includes a plane black abaya with the yellow colored Huda School logo on it and it also includes a plane white hijab. The uniforms differs depending on the age groups. From grade 1-5  the uniform doesn’t include a hijab and they don’t wear abayas instead they wear a black colored dress to the knees with loose pants. The girls from grade 6-8 wear an abaya which comes to there knees with black loose pants and they also must wear a plane white hijab. For the high-school boys the uniform consists a green button up shirt with Huda school’s logo on it and black pant. For the elementary boys the shirt is white instead of green with black pants.

Our school has an other difference. We have many events just like other schools but we also celebrate our Islamic events. Every year we hold an Eid carnival at our school were we put up games in classrooms and try to help people have a good time. We also have Quran competition every year where you win money as a prize. Our school has many other events which motivate us to participate in religious activities.

Our school focuses on literature as well as virtues. One way our school tries to motivate people to do better is by giving them a Huda hero. After every Friday prayer, our principle announces three people from the whole school who have showed the use of virtues in there daily life. Another way they use to motivate us to be better is by putting people’s names in the caught ya box. If a teacher sees a student do something helpful and thinks that person deserves to be recognized, she/he gives them a small slip which says “caught ya doing good” on it. When a student receives it, they write there name on it and put it in the caught ya box, then later in the monthly assembly our principle picks a slip from the box and the student with the name on the slip wins $10. Huda school has many other unique events. Regina Huda School is an amazing school. We have an amazing staff, which help us when we need it and does there jobs to there best. I am glad to be in this school.

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