Hey guys! Here I am with another blog post. Today I’m going to be talking about coding. We have recently started learning about codes in our Tech9 class. When I first saw the code page, it seemed so complicated. Honestly, nothing made sense, I was scared because I thought I would probably fail on these assignments. Later, when I actually understood what was going on, I figured it wasn’t at all hard. I am glad that I am learning about the HTML codes. I would recommend you all to try it. The website we are using in class to help us learn is called Khan Academy.

The codes are what the computer sees, what we see on our screen is not at all what the computer sees. To see what the computer sees, press CTRL and U. If that doesn’t work, click on the images bellow to understand what I mean.

Code is a set of instructions  that computers can understand. People write code, code powers computers and computers power many everyday objects like phones, watches, microwaves and cars. In fact, almost anything powered by electricity uses codes. There are many names for people who code: coders, programmers, developers, computer scientists, software engineers, etc.

Computers run on binary code—written in 1s and 0s—which is very difficult for humans to work with. But just as people can understand different languages computers can understand different languages (like Python, C, C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Java, JavaScript, Ruby and PHP, among others) which translate our instructions into binary. There are “low-level” and “high-level” coding languages. Lower-level languages more closely resemble binary code while higher-level languages are easier to code in. So learning to code is literally like learning a new language (learning to construct sentences, etc.). Most popular programming languages in use today are high-level languages. C is a low-level programming language that is good for graphics-heavy applications, like games. JavaScript is for the web. Perl is sometimes known as the “Swiss-Army knife” of programming languages because of it’s multi-functionality. Many coding languages share similar basic features. A text file written in a particular programming language is called a program.

There are many websites online to help you understand the HTML coding. While I was doing some research about HTML coding I found an interesting website, it seems very useful. It’s very simple to use and seems very easy. It’s called HTML Codes. it shows many more Codes then I am aware of. It has categories such as Background codes, colour codes and many more.

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  1. Great post Areeba! I’m glad that you are enjoying coding. It can be overwhelming at the start but if you take it step by step it’s actually not that difficult to understand.

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