The 100

Hey guys! Today I am going to talk about a book I read, it’s called ”The 100″. It’s a science fiction novel by Kass Morgan, which was published on September 3, 2013. It has 384 pages. The book also has a show based on it, which is also called The 100. 

The incident that started the book was the thermonuclear apocalypse, which occurred three centuries ago. All of the people that were still alive after the incident were taken to a space station, the Ark, governed by The Chancellor, where no matter how small a crime was, they were only punished by death, unless the criminal was under the age of 18. The Ark had a specific limit of oxygen but because of the increasing population they were running out of it. Now that their planet was dying, the leaders decided to send 100 prisoners to the Earth to find out if it was survivable.

Once they made it to the earth they were all fascinated by the brightness and all the plant and trees around them. After their moment of glory the 100 struggle to survive in a world very different from theirs. Clarke and Bellamy were talented leaders and cared enough for the people to step up and fight for them. Bellamy once said that “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are 2 very different things.’’

They were strong, brave and intelligent. They made rules and gave people hope, they taught the others how to hunt and how to protect themselves. Bellamy came down to Earth even tho he wasn’t a prisoner, just so he could protect his sister Octavia. He was a strong, harsh and a selfish person. However, Bellamy’s attitude changed after a little girl was about to be killed by an angry mob of teenagers. Bellamy said to a twelve year old girl who was too afraid to sleep because of nightmares “ Fears are fears, slay your demons when you are awake. They won’t be there to get you in sleep.’’ With the help of Clarke, he showed the people how they can live in peace.

Clarke Griffin was a former medical student who had been arrested for a crime committed by her parents. When the 100 were sent to the earth they all were given a chip which would give the people in the Ark information of them being alive or dead but the 100 teenagrers planned to destroy the chips. After a few days of landing on earth, someone sets fire to the camp. As the survivors investigate, they discover a farm not too far from the site, leading them to the realization that they are not alone.

I feel sympathetic towards the people living in space. Their the rules are so strict and being on Earth was one of their biggest dream. We don’t realize how lucky we are to have place like Earth to live on.  We dream to go to the space but these people who live in space dream to come to Earth. It makes me see that human always want more.They are never happy with what they have. For three hundred years these people’s dream was to go back to Earth, make it a livable place. Instead of being grateful for having a place like earth, we ruined it, we don’t really see how valuable our Earth is. Radiation on Earth made it unsurvivable for people to live on it, it’s possible to have so much radiation that can destroy our whole planet; so many countries have nuclear power, if there is a world war 3 our Earth will be destroyed and it’s hard to say that humanity will survive. What I learned from this book is to be happy with what you have and be thankful to have a planet like Earth and take good care of it. I would recommend you all to read this book because of its interesting story and because of its important moral.


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