How I Spent My Summer


Lets go all the way back to when summer started! I was so excited. For the first month, I had a lot of fun things planned but after that suddenly Regina began to seem very small. I didn’t have much to do anymore until my family decided we were going to Toronto. It wasn’t so easy for my family to plan this vacation. Everybody wanted to go to different places such as me, I wanted to go to Vancouver but we all finally decided on going to Toronto.

It took us 3 days to get to Toronto by car (the longest road trip I’ve ever been on). Sitting in the car for hours got pretty annoying but it was all worth it when we finally got to Toronto. While we were in Toronto we stayed over at our /en/thumb/c/cf/Vmills_boxingday. png/220px-Vmills_boxingday.png

cousins’ house. On our first day in Toronto, we decided to do the most important thing. We went to Vaughan Mills which is known to be one of the largest shopping centers in Canada. I found every possible shop I could think of. It was so big that 5 and a half  hour was not enough for me to look around the whole mall. After we got back from the mall, we decided to go to Mississauga to meet my other cousins. There we had a lot of fun and on our way there and back, I noticed how there was so much traffic compared to Regina. We were on our way back to Vaughn at 1:30 a.m and the roads were just as busy as they were at 7:00 p.m.  All I could see around me were shinny lights, huge buildings and cars, everywhere.

Next day, our plan was to go to Canada’s Wonderland but we couldn’t because of the heavy rain. So, we ended up spending that day just having fun with our cousins. We went to watch a movie and went to the mall once again. On the next day, we planned to wake up super early and go to Canada’s Wonderland no matter what. After failing at waking up early we made our way to The Wonderland at about 2 and then obviously waited in the line for an hour(most likely it was much less then that). Then we went on almost all the not extremely scary rides. We played lots of games there. After many tries I ended up winning a stuffed Squirtle. It was a day well spent. We stayed there until all the rides were closed, we did not want to leave that place. sites/default/files/niagara-falls- canada.jpg

Next day was honestly the most memorable one, we went to Niagara Falls. It was the most beautiful thing I saw in the entire Toronto. We had a great time sight seeing and then we decided to go on to the fairy! We went through the mist, it was the best thing I had ever experienced. The water was so pretty. After all that and having a delicious meal my cousins, my sister and I decided we wanted to go to the haunted house. As we had heard so much about the Nightmares Fear Factory, we wanted to go try it but knowing ourselves, we new we would default/files/gifs/04.13-gif.gif

not be able to handle that so, we decided to go to something a little less scary. We first went to The House of Frankenstein. Even though we came out screaming and shacking, for some reason we decided we wanted to go the Nightmares Fear Factory. We all came out almost crying from that place. I will talk more about that in detail in my next blog! I have never been that scared in my life.

Next day was unfortunately our last day in Toronto. We went to the mall for another hour and left Toronto in the afternoon. I had a great time in Toronto but now I had to stay in the car for 3 days, again. We decided we were gonna stop every where we stopped while we were going to Toronto but of course nobody was that excited to get back to Regina so it took us 3 and more than a half day to get to Regina.



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