Next Great Technology

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Hey! Welcome back to my blog! Today, lets talk about technology. Technology means everything in today’s world. We see use of technology everywhere. kids use it, parents use it, teachers use it, doctors use it, scientists, astronomers, a sales man, a generator, everyone has access to technology. Technology has improved a lot over these couple centuries. Imagine how our lives would be without internet. What if cars were never invented, what if laptops weren’t real. Every piece of technology has contributed a lot to this society.

If I could invent something and change the world, it would be a type of glasses which could help predict what the other person is thinking. Imagine knowing what the person really feels like when they are saying sorry to you. Imagine knowing what someone really thinks about. Imagine having a world with no secrets. Sure, this sounds impossible but then again who thought internet could be a thing.

I think this would be an incredible gadget considering it could be very useful. There is no way of us knowing if someone is lying, sure there are lie detecting machines but they have become so old that people have learnt how to fake it. Also lie detectors are not something that come handy, they are mostly used by police and other crime fighting agencies.

Photo Credit: wuestenigel Flickr via Compfight cc

Everything comes with a price. Having no secrets, no lies makes it sound like a perfect world but there is no such a thing. Everything has its pros and cons. So does this, there is no way such a gadget could have no negative effects. Even internet and cars, both one of the worlds best inventions have their cons.

Let me give you an example, computers and the internet have made it easier for us (students) to access academic material at any given moment of the day or night. Despite its abundance a lot of the information published online is inaccurate. Inter is very useful at many times but then there are times that it disappoints its’ users. Same with the cars. They have made travelling so much easier for us but at the same time its ruining our lives by polluting our environment.




  1. So you want to create a device that could read someone’s mind? That does seem like something pretty neat. But then again, would that really be a perfect world, if no one had any secrets? Everyone has secrets that they want no one to know about. Would it really be good if secrets like that came out? I don’t know, just something to think about.


    • Of course it’s important to have a few secrets but there is a difference between keeping secrets and lying. Having an opportunity to have secrets means having a choice to lie. I don’t think knowing all secrets could be worse than being tricked into thinking a lie is the truth.


  2. I think your post is very creative and it would be fun to read other peoples mind, but I would not want my mind being read by others. And I agree, technology does have its pros and cons.


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